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Books May Vary

Books. Books. Books.

Need I say more?

Hi guys! I love reading (obviously)

I can honestly read any type of book 

So, if any if you out there would want to have a chat or maybe tea over a book then be my guest!



Honestly, I have no idea why I am writing this... 

Its just too much...you know?



Its been good and dandy but seriously I just stopped 

because I know that if I continue further then there is no returning


This is like the official final end for the divergent trilogy


I promise no spoilers

its just I just realised that Tobias is soooooooooooooo much like a kid

His POV was so-- weird 

Its weird like it made me feel so old and wise 

He feels weird 

His decisions were mostly of a kid 

I bet if they gave him candy he would gladly accept or maybe he would be hesitant at first but accepts it later


Tris so far is my favourite character. She has truly matured and developed. I remember her as being the Stiff from book one to this otherworldly wise genetically pure human being in Allegiant.  


I love this series. I ache and bleed for it but sometimes we just have to let them go. If Veronica Roth had to write it any other way I think she shouldn't. 


I should stop writing, I should just stop everything. I feel like I have been finally complete but incomplete at the same time.